• Free Energy
• Off the grid
• Solar Panels
• PV Solar Panels
• Solar Controllers
• MPPT Solar Controllers
• Inverters
• Pure Sine Wave inverters
• Grid-tie Inverters
• UPS systems
• Flat Plate Collectors
• Solar Geysers
• Energy Saving
• Water Saving
• Water Tanks
• Water Pumps
• Solar Pumps
• Solar Borehole Pumps
• LED Lighting
• LED Strips
• LED Modules
• LED Light Bulbs
• LED Downlighters
• Wind Turbines
• Turbine Controllers
• Batteries
• Solar Batteries
• Deep Cycle Batteries
• Lead Acid Batteries

Eco Consulting is a devision of
AV Designers
Eco-Consulting supplies the following energy producing and saving products and services
We will also willingly help with the DIY inthusiast with advice on the way to go forward to saving energy and our planet.
If you are not confident in Eskom keeping you lights on you have reached the right place. We are very passionate about the
free energy options and saving resources.
Tel: +27 41 586 2414
We are busy doing major updates to our website so please check back soon to browse and see how we can help you

Kind Regards
Chris Davidge